Life is Good. Just ask Bert Jacobs.

Bert Jacobs, Co-founder of "Life is Good", Charles, Jake, and Rocket the dog at the ASAE conference

At ASAE’s Springtime in the Park I had the pleasure of witnessing Bert Jacobs, co-founder of Life is Good, give the Keynote speech.  Bert told the amazing Life is Good story.  Besides the business side of things he revealed his deep commitment for helping kids overcome life-threatening challenges through his program Life is Good Playmakers.  Take a look at the program –

So how was the presentation?  Awesome!  It was a perfect example of someone at full comfort on stage and with his story.  Few CEOs could give a credible keynote in jeans and a t-shirt.  Being a passionate Ultimate Frisbee devotee, Bert kept the audience wide awake by tossing out Frisbees from stage every now and then.

After the presentation I asked Bert about the challenge of speaking to a large audience in a big hall.  He said that it used to bother him, but he learned the technique of selecting 5 specific people in different parts of the room and telling his story directly to them.  No matter the size of the audience, especially when it is very large and everyone can’t be seen, he engages with those 5 people and talks to them.

As for those tossed out Frisbees, sadly the association execs couldn’t catch a single one.  However, I’m sure that everyone in the room caught Bert’s enthusiasm for helping kids while having fun.  Life is good.  Pass it on.

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