Listen to these reviews of Charles’ work.

“Charles provides tremendous expertise and help to create and deliver top-notch captivation presentations. We are taking what we learned from Charles’ seminar and using it to take our presentations to donors to the next level. No matter what business you are in, Charles can help you get your most important messages across in a way that resonates with your constituents.”
Philip Chou – SeaWeb

“Before doing his 40Plus presentation, Charles Greene came two weeks in advance to observe another Monday Morning Speakers Series guest as a member of the audience. In all my time as director of the speakers bureau, I’ve never had a presenter come in advance to scout out the territory of their own talk. (Charles’ message is APP, Audience, Preparation and Practice). Charles came early to learn how to get to 40Plus and to learn more about the audience so he could meet and engage them. He came in advance so he could prepare his presentation both to meet 40Plus’ needs and prepare for the space restrictions of our venue. He came early so he could practice in advance of his presentation so it seemed seamless. There may be a lot of speakers out there who can tell you how to be a better presenter. But with Charles Greene, you get the whole package. His magic secret: he leads by example.”
Giovanni Cappelletti – 40Plus of Greater Washington

“Two weeks ago Charles Greene, III presented at District 29’s Fall Conference. Even today we are still receiving high praise for his presentation. Our review forms showed that he received the highest rating from every single audience member. Also, when members were asked what their favorite part of the conference was, his session was mentioned several times. Overall, our members are telling us that this past conference was one of the best we have ever had. I know that his contributions made it so.

Charles also provided excellent communication leading up to the conference. He always responded quickly and was often three steps ahead of me in making sure that everything was set to best meet the needs of the audience.

On a more personal note, I am grateful to him for the impact that his ‘presentation magic’ has made on my own life. As someone just entering the world of professional speakers, witnessing his presentation provided me with huge insight about how to improve how I relate to the audience, ensure they remain engaged, and confirm they hear and undertstand the message. I learned these things not only from his words, but by watching him present. He walks his talk. ”
Juliette Brown – Toastmasters District 29 Conference

“I attended Charles’s presentation to the Greater Washington Board of Trade on three keys to improving your public presentation skills, and found the experience to be consistent with the rest of Charles’s work: another example of an engaging, informative skill building session that features his unique combination of magic and sharing best presentation practices. Charles deftly tailors his content to reach audiences of all ages, and I would be hard-pressed to choose a group that wouldn’t benefit from his advice on how to improve communication skills when working with groups. He makes learning fun and inspires even the most skeptical to rethink the potential of a well-crafted presentation.”
Carina Gervacio – Brainfood

“Charles Greene was a speaker at an annual retreat for Independent Consultants for a Better World in Washington D.C, of which I am the chair. His session “Authenticity in Presentations” was highly rated and appreciated by participants. They found his approach innovative and the information relevant and useful for their work. Mr. Greene literally brought magic and excitement in teaching participants how to make more meaningful connections through their presentations. He is welcome back anytime, per participants’ request!”
Marjorie Macieira – ICBW

“Charles Greene III describes himself as a Presentation Magician. He is that and more. His presentation to an Advanced Toastmasters group in McLean, Virginia focused on tips for enhancing speaking excellence. The group was impressed with his compellingly interesting and very persuasive presentation. We left with new skills and techniques that all were eager to practice and use. We were also exposed to some new thought paradigms which will expand our speaking and presentation skills in areas we had not thought about previously. Charles Greene III was outstanding in every way – a true magician. I highly recommend Charles Greene III for large audiences and for small and more intimate ones as well. He will take any audience on a magic carpet ride to exciting places and leave the audience with many new and highly usable presentation tips, ideas and skills.”
Paul White – Toastmasters Advanced

“Charles Greene knows how to prepare and deliver presentations, and he knows how to explain his craft. His terrific APP captivated the students in my University of Maryland professional writing classes in March 2012. He showed the students how and why Audience, Preparation and Practice are critical to perfecting one’s presentation skills.

By effectively combining visual aids, including magic, and the knowledge of his subject, Charles taught the juniors and seniors (from various academic majors) in my classes, how to learn about and understand audience, practice, research the topic, and deliver a sound presentation.

I highly recommend that you invite Charles ( to lead any type of training in the presentation craft. In fact, I suggest that you and your organization find a reason to invite Charles to speak about the importance of presentations and how to do them right.”
Robert Schubert – University of Maryland

“While I did not hire Charles, I had the pleasure of being in the audience at one of his presentations recently. As entertaining as he was, he was more instructive. Having traveled the US as a professional speaker, I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did. His ability to grab the audience, by tailoring his presentation to our particular group was inspirational and something I immediately implemented in my own sales presentations. I couldn’t wait to visit his website to learn more, and learn more I did. I am now a big fan and would recommend Charles as either a coach or a representative to any serious company.”
L. Frazza

“We have worked with and observed Charles work for many years at events and conventions. He is the consummate presenter and thus recommend him in his presentation skills initiative. Charles has the ability to communicate his and his clients’ messages not only effectively, but efficiently. As a coach he can generate enthusiasm and buy-in to his approach to delivering a convincing message.”
Marc Goldberg – Marketech

“I’m the president of a small networking group. In January of 2012 Charles presented his “3 Magic Keys to Successful Presentations” to our group. He captivated the audience for a full 30 minutes and we almost wouldn’t let him leave. Charles’ presentation was informative and insightful. He uses some magic to capture the audience’s attention and to illustrate one of his key points. He uses visual aids that are interesting and stimulating and really capture the message he’s trying to convey. This was truly a great presentation on presentations. We learned a great deal and had fun along the way. Perhaps more importantly, Charles is good man. He’s caring, friendly, and very warm. When Charles is talking to you, you feel like the most important person in the room. He’s got a very welcoming personality. I highly recommend any organization hire Charles to teach you how to give great presentations. You’ll enjoy the time and your whole organization will be served well by the quality of your staff’s future presentations.”
Mark Dolfis – Axa Advisors